Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What would you have done?

So, I had to leave to drive to a hearing this afternoon, and gave myself plenty of time (strange for me). As I'm getting to an intersection on the way to the freeway, I notice these two girls, probably mid to late teens, walking across the street from where I am. I initially noticed them because of the dyed black hair and short shorts, but then noticed a guy walk up to them and start talking. He had come from the opposite direction so I just kinda looked (I was stopped at a red light at the time), all of a sudden the guy puts his arm around one girl's shoulders and then lifts her in the air and threw her down onto the ground (HARD). He then picked her up by her hair and started dragging her. The other girls starts screaming and he lets go and walks off and gets into a car as they start running the other direction.

I was so shocked--I hollered out my window to see if they were ok and they ran across two lanes of traffic begging me to give them a ride. I didn't really think and just unlocked the doors and let them in. I ended up taking them to one of their sister's neighborhoods (there was traffic construction and so they walked the rest of the way), but while they were in the car they borrowed my phone to call the sister and then they were talking about the fact that the guy had a gun, mentioned they had had a knife, and I really started questioning my thought process. They mentioned that they had called 911, and then they took the battery out of their cell phone and one of them mentioned that they had warrants so the police would have arrested them and not the guy. Yikes!

I know now that I should not have let them in the car--but I kept thinking to myself what if that were my daughter and her best friend, I would have wanted someone to help them. I probably should have dropped them off at the fire station that we passed, but again, I just wasn't thinking. After I did let them out (with them thanking me profusely and commenting that there are still nice people in the world), I started shaking.

I guess in the long run I'm glad I helped them and I'm very thankful that they were nice girls (at least to me) and didn't try to hijack me or anything.

What would you have done?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Changes . . .

Fall is here, although with the weather this week you wouldn't know it. Along with the change in seasons, there are also other changes happening.

First, I did a minor overhaul on the blog. I was getting tired of the polka dots and wanted things moved around a bit, so I did a minor tweak. I'm not sure if it will stay this way, but for now, I like it.

Zoe made a change. While she thought trombone was the end all be all of instruments, the initial fascination quickly disappeared. Luckily, her teacher was willing to let her switch instruments. She really wanted to play clarinet, but there are already too many clarinets in class, so she switched to flute. Today was her first official day playing--and with only one lesson (a group one at that) she seems to be doing just fine. Better than fine, in my opinion. To be able to play two songs after about 1/2 hour of instruction? I couldn't do it!

Zienna has a bit change tomorrow, too. She is moving preschools. While we had done a lot of research on preschools before deciding where to send her, we realized last week that we really weren't getting the warm fuzzies that we have had with other preschools. She seemed to like it enough, but didn't know all the kids names, and it just wasn't really jiving for us. When that combined with an incident that happened at the school (didn't involve Zienna, but one that definitely put us on guard and one that we had semi-discussed the night prior), we decided it was time to do some more research. So, effective tomorrow, Zienna will be going to school with Zoe. They have a preschool and she will be in the pre-kindergarten class. She can got to school with Zoe and gets picked up at the same time as Zoe--a win-win for Scott as it reduces trips and gas. In addition, she will no longer have to take naps (which she hasn't really done in over a year anyway) and she gets to bring her own lunch-ok, not a win for us, but definitely one for her as she envies her brother and sister being able to bring a lunch box. Scott has her out right now getting a hair cut and tomorrow will be the big day!

Speaking of my kids, I think I'm going to go meet them at the salon! TTFN!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where does the time go?

I posted over a month ago about school starting for the kids and now they are in full swing. 

Zach is continuing to do well, maintaining straight As except in one class, but that is moving in the right direction. He learned the hard way that he needs to be prepared for class—he lost full credit for a day of reading.  It is taking time to pull it up, but he is doing it. 

Zoe is experiencing her first year of actual grades.  She is maintaining As and Bs, but she just doesn’t seem to have the same drive that Zach does.  She isn’t putting herself into school as much as she could. Even her teacher thinks that she could be an A student, but it just isn’t a priority like it is for Zach.  I am hoping that when grades actually come out, she will have a change of heart and move toward working harder.  Zoe does have her first chance to play an instrument this year.  She was initially looking at clarinet or flute, then wanted to play saxophone, but ultimately, based upon the music teacher’s impression, she is playing trombone.  She has been playing for two weeks and can actually play notes and some easy songs. I’m very impressed.  She is also participating in choir and seems to be loving that as well.

Zienna LOVES school.  She is almost upset when the weekend comes.  Almost every morning she asks if she gets to go to school.  She did miss out on school the week of Labor Day because she contracted pink eye.  She HATED that week.  Although she was still home with daddy, she was very upset at not being able to go to school.  And her friend Brooklyn was apparently missing her too.  Brooklyn now makes sure that she is coming back the next day.  It is very cute.  She is learning a little bit of Spanish and some sign language.  She is so cute trying to teach all of this to us.

We’ve had Zach’s & Zoe’s school photos, but Zienna’s aren’t until next week.  I will make a point of posting them all once we have them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Days . . .

I cannot believe the summer is over--summer vacation at least. Yesterday, Butter and Baby Bean started school. Bean starts tomorrow. I can only hope that tomorrow runs more smoothly than yesterday and today did!

Baby Bean has been sooo excited about starting school. She is in the pre-kindergarten class and although she told daddy that she needed one of us to go with her, that idea quickly fled from her head once she got there and began making friends. But first, we had to get there!

We woke up on time, I actually got out of bed and started getting ready. When I went to dry my hair I heard Baby Bean crying--walked out and found out that she had tripped and fell. She left daddy's arms and came to mine, where I noticed she was bleeding--she didn't have a shirt on yet. Daddy thought it was from her own nails--but it became obvious that wasn't the case when I saw several scratches on her chest and arm and hand. Turns out when she tripped, she fell onto Shack who was sleeping on the ground. Shack, being a cat, retaliated. We got Baby Bean all cleaned up, dressed and we were out the door. In the meantime, turns out Shack got hurt too--he pulled a claw out completely which earned him a trip to the vet, a shot of antibiotics and a purple & blue polka-dotted bandage on his hind leg. We are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Once we got to school yesterday, Baby Bean was a bit nervous, but had a little girl come up to her right away and introduce herself. She designated herself Baby Bean's "first friend." Although Baby Bean had asked me to stay for awhile, within minutes she was off with her friend and reading. I was told it was ok to go to work and got a big "I love you, mom" as I walked away. When daddy picked her up, she was very upset that she had to leave and couldn't stay to take a nap. This coming from a child who has not voluntarily taken a nap in about a year. Go figure. She definitely enjoyed her first day and said she was excited to be able to go back!

This morning, we figured things would go better--it couldn't go worse, right? Wrong! Turns out one of the dogs (we think it was Zane) got into the Organic Compost Starter and it did not react kindly to his digestive system--or for that matter our carpeting! One big mess in the bedroom and one even bigger next to his crate (hence why we think it was Zane). Luckily, the stuff is non-toxic and we were told that as long as he is eating and keeping his food down, we are ok--one less vet bill thank goodness.

Baby Bean was another trooper this morning getting to school. When we got there, no one was in the classroom. I was wondering exactly what was going on, when a little boy (age 4) who had also just gotten there (or had just come out of the bathroom), told me that everyone was outside. Ok, makes sense, play outside before it hits 100 degrees. When I started looking for the sign in book, this little boy looked at me and said, "you have a lot to learn." How do little kids get so smart like that. In any event, we went outside, signed in and Baby Bean was off. I am so thankful that she is doing so well.

As for Butter--he is big man on campus, being in the 8th grade (and being 5'10"). He is very happy with his schedule. He shares band and tutorial with his girlfriend--so he gets to start and end his day with her. I'm glad she isn't in any other classes so that she isn't a distraction. He loves his core teacher--who is apparently the best 8th grade core teacher. And the fact that she likes the Giants only makes it better. He went and got all his school supplies yesterday and was off to class today with everything he needs. I'm just hoping that he really stays on top of things this year. In 8th grade late assignments are not accepted and I know he really wants to keep his straight A record!

This afternoon is the Back-to-School BBQ at Bean's school. I hope I get back in town in time to go. She will get to find out her teacher--which if everything is going as it is supposed to, will be the same teacher as last year. I'm a little concerned as the website still shows him teaching 3rd grade, but he was supposed to move up to 4th and we asked to have her loop. We will find out for sure this evening.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Well . . . we did it . . .

My last post was on June 22nd and at that time we were contemplating going to Disneyland. Well, we did more than contemplate--we did it! In fact, we left on July 4th -- a mere 12 days after we started talking about it. I'm really glad that we just jumped forward and did it because it turned out sooo great! We rented a mini-van and got a portable DVD player for the trip--again, another great idea! The trip to Southern California took about ten hours, but the trip home took twelve. So thankful for the DVD player and for my nook!

We were able to get a kidsuite room at the Portofino Inn & Suites. It worked out beautifully. We were able to watch the fireworks from our room, the kids had their own room and actually slept! Baby Bean loved it because she got to sleep on the top bunk. Originally, Bean and Baby Bean were going to take turns, but Bean decided that it was fine for Baby Bean to sleep up there the whole week. We had a tv in both rooms and a fridge and microwave, which definitely helped.

We opted for the five-day park hopper pass. We were able to get them for the price of a three-day, which saved a ton. My initial thoughts were that we would spend three days at Disneyland and two days at California Adventure. Turns out we never left Disneyland--looked at California Adventure, but never went over there. It also worked out well that we spent Monday through Friday at the park. We didn't have to deal with weekend crowds and for the most part didn't have too much of a crowd issue while we were there.

We also ended up buying the Verizon Mobile Magic app for my phone. We used the 24 hour trial and it was so worth it that I spent the money for the 6-month pass (we just need to go again before January 4th!) The longest line we waited in (other than to meet the Princesses & Pixie Hollow) was 45 minutes. That was for the Finding Nemo Submarines--the first ride we did. After that, we used Mobile Magic to find the shortest wait times and to locate the times for fast passes. It was great. Most of the time our wait was 20 minutes or less! Even on rides such as Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn and Indiana Jones.

We soon found out that Baby Bean is a thrill seeker! She loved all the big rides--she couldn't get enough of Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn. She thought Space Mountain was "awesome," but it made hubby sick, so we only did that one once. After riding the bigger rides, the Go Coaster in Toon Town just didn't have that much appeal. We did spend our time meeting Mickey & Minnie in Toon Town, and riding Roger Rabbit, but we spent much more time out with the big rides.

It was so much fun to watch Baby Bean throughout the week. I think the highlight was on Thursday when we waited to meet the Princesses. She had dressed up that morning as Cinderella for our morning Character Breakfast. She put the costume back on, just to meet everyone. Her favorite Princess of all time is Ariel. I'm not sure what it is, but hands down Ariel is the one she most wanted to meet. Well, we were in luck. They had three Princesses available--Belle, Princess Tiana and Ariel. When we got to Ariel, Baby Bean said she was her favorite. Ariel bent down and asked her to dance and then spent several minutes twirling around with her. When she was done Ariel thanked Baby Bean, saying, "I need practice with my human legs, I haven't had them as long as you have." Baby Bean was in HEAVEN! I wish I had the video camera, but luckily I took several pictures and you can tell they were dancing. It was so sweet.

As for the character breakfast, it almost didn't happen. We made reservations, but then started thinking that it was a lot of money for breakfast. The older two said they didn't really care, so we decided not to go. The reservations were for 8:10am, and the kids hadn't been getting up before 7:30 anyway. So the morning that we were "supposed" to go, Baby Bean started asking and we mentioned that we weren't going. She about lost it--so I called and said we overslept and they ended up squeezing us in at 10:30. We are so glad they did. The kids got to meet lots of characters, the breakfast was great, and it was really brunch. The cost was actually about the same as we had been spending on breakfast and lunch anyway, so it was a wash. And worth it to get autographs and photos for the kids to remember.

Wednesday was interesting. We were watching the band play around 4:30 and I thought I felt an earthquake. Turns out I was right and the park ended up closing all the rides to make sure there was no damage. We walked around thinking that we would stick it out until everything reopened, but ultimately we decided to leave and go to the beach. We had wanted to take time for the beach since Baby Bean had never been and Bean doesn't remember ever going. This ended up being the perfect excuse. We drove down to Laguna Beach, showed Butter the hospital where he was born and then went to the same beach that we spent almost every Sunday morning at for several years when we lived down there. Baby Bean couldn't get enough. It was late and we only paid for 30 minutes of parking, but it ended up being perfect.

It was fun during the week with Butter. We would find different areas where we took his photo when he was 3 1/2, and then try to recreate the photo now. One in particular was next to a statue of Dumbo. When we were there ten years ago, his head barely reached the top of the podium. Now, at 5'9", he towered over the statue. We also took a picture of Baby Bean asleep in the stroller, just like Butter had been ten years ago. I don't think Butter expected the trip to be as much fun as it was. I think he was expecting it to be very baby-ish, but he proved himself wrong!

And, of course, no vacation can be complete without a little bit of drama. Friday was going to be our catch up day--you know, the day where you do the things you didn't get to do and re-do the things you really wanted to do. Butter and Bean both had lists of what they wanted to do. We started the morning with our souvenir shopping (we had a 20% discount if used before noon). Then, I took the girls to Pixie Hollow and hubby took Butter to get a caricature done. When we were done, we (the girls) headed to the restroom--while I was in there, Bean ended up getting a bloody nose. We got it stopped and then went outside where it promptly started up again. I didn't know what to do, so I stopped an employee who offered to call a nurse (since we were a ways from the first aid station and I couldn't have Bean walk all that way with her head back). A very nice security guard came over--we got a chair for Bean and I called hubby and Butter to let them know where we were and what was happening. Then the nurse showed up and gave Bean some ice and talked to me about what to do. At that point I noticed that we essentially had a wall of security all around us. I have no idea when they all showed up, but no one could get by or see us. Not even hubby and Butter! I finally noticed and told security that they were with us. The whole thing took a good 45 minutes to an hour out of the day and made Bean paranoid about going on any big rides. As a result, the rest of the day was pretty mellow. We even ran into the security guard later who remembered Bean and asked how she was doing.

I think one of the best memories that I will keep from the week was on Friday night. We never stayed for the fireworks--opting to go to the hotel and watch from there. On Friday we had initially decided that we were going to stay til the park closed. Then Butter got some stomach bug and wanted to go back to the hotel, and Baby Bean fell asleep. While I wanted to stay, I told hubby to stay with Bean and just enjoy the rest of the night. They ended up staying until after the park closed and didn't get back to the room until 1:30am! Butter, Baby Bean and I headed back to the front gate to pick up our purchases from earlier in the day. Butter really needed a bathroom break, but offered to carry Baby Bean over to watch the fireworks while I waited (they couldn't find our three HUGE bags). When I finally got to them, he said that he would stick it out until the fireworks were over--he was holding Baby Bean the entire time. When they were over, and we were walking to the bus to take us to the hotel, Butter said, "Mom, I really need to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to leave because the look in Baby Bean's eyes over the fireworks was too sweet. I loved watching her watch them, mom." It was probably the sweetest thing he has ever said and I knew then that he gets the magic as much as I do!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disneyland? Maybe? . . .

We have been dying to take the kids to Disneyland. Butter hasn't been in almost 10 years--I know because we conceived Bean at Disneyland and she just turned nine! We keep telling the kids we are going to go and then finances just don't let us do it. We always think we are going to go and we say we are going to do it and it just doesn't happen. It has been a tough few years for us and every time we think we are turning a corner, it just doesn't happen.

So, we just filed our taxes and we should be getting some money back soon, so we think we are just going to do it. The hotel that we want to use has a really good discount rate right now (like $119 a night versus $179), and we could do it mega cheap. The room has bunk beds for the kids and a fridge and microwave so we can do our own meals. The kids will understand that it is on the mega-cheap plan--at least they get to go.

I'm starting to get excited. I love Disneyland. When we lived in the OC I would buy annual passes. I studied at the park while waiting for Fantasmic to start. I went to the park just to go shopping for my nephew's first birthday. When I was lucky enough to go last year, by myself, it was still so magical. It was nice doing it alone because I got to do things I wouldn't have done with the kids. But I also saw things that I purposely didn't do because I wanted to experience it first through Zienna's eyes (stuff in California Adventure).

We NEED to make this happen this time!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Birthday that Wasn't . . .

I really wasn't expecting much from this birthday. It's just another day and another year. But I was turning 45--not a big deal, but halfway between 40 and 50. To me it kind of meant something, even if I was perfectly happy with the age. So why am I so bummed that the birthday never "really" happened?

Having a birthday in the middle of the week is never good and this on was on Thursday (June 17th). It also doesn't help that I had to travel 200 miles away, but was going to be home the evening of my birthday. I left the day before and did get to go to a baseball game with a friend (go Giants!). Her birthday is six days before me--so this was a joint celebration. Then we went out for dinner and drinks after. Ok, so there was some celebrating.

Then, on my birthday, I got my work done and met up with some co-workers for lunch. I did let it slip that it was my birthday and the waitress must have heard, because they did bring me ice cream and sing. That was embarrassing but fun.

I headed home and made it back in town by 4:00. Finished up some work and headed home. Was home by 5:30--thought we would have a nice dinner at home with the kids. NOPE! Instead, hubby spends the next three hours or so with Bean at an urgent care clinic and then at the pharmacy--diagnosis - swimmer's ear with a slight infection. Ok, that's fine, the kids did say happy birthday and I did get a card from my mom & dad. No biggie, we'll do something over the weekend. In fact, hubby and I were scheduled to go on a date on Friday night. Yay!

Friday comes and Bean spends the day at the neighbor's house, where she is also going to spend the night. Hubby comes to pick me up from work with Baby Bean (mistake #1--he should have come alone and we could have gone to dinner). We run by the grocery store to pick up a few things then head home. Hubby's ears are plugged and he isn't feeling too well, but we figure we will get Bean her ear drops in and then head out for a drink. Nope--not gonna happen. Bean comes home and is in so much pain that we decide the slumber party just isn't going to happen. Good thing since she woke up delirious and in pain and talking about the "guy that came out of the pancakes" at about 1:30am. I don't think the neighbors would have liked that too much.

Saturday--spent some time getting my hair done--cut and highlights (which I love). Then took all three kids out--Baby Bean needed her bangs cut and the kids wanted out of the house. While we are out--Bean starts crying hysterically because of pain. We spend the next two hours back at urgent care getting a "wick" put in her ear and a prescription for Norco (strong stuff for the pain). There went the rest of the day.

Sunday--Father's Day. No birthday for me, but not much of a Father's Day either since Bean is still in pain and crying off and on and sleeping off and on due to the drugs. Well, I guess we are even, I didn't get a birthday and hubby didn't really get a Father's Day.

There's always next year!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Bean!

Wow--I cannot believe that my Bean turned nine on Saturday--where in the world does the time go? I remember being in the hospital and having an almost ten pound baby being placed on my chest. No one could believe she was that big, especially since she was five days early!

This year her birthday was a bit understated. She had her party the week before her birthday--in the hopes that more friends from school would be able to attend. They did and the party was awesome--we had it at a small little bakery in town. The girls got to make cookies, then had gelato and decorated their own cupcakes while the cookies were baking. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The problem, by the time her actual party came around, the celebrating had all been done--especially since she conned us into giving her her gift early (or should I say conned her dad).

Her actual birthday was Saturday--as is my fashion, I did hang streamers and a Happy Birthday sign from her door over night. Then we went and got her something special for breakfast, but then Butter and I left at 9:30am to head to the Bay Area to see a friends band rehearsal before a concert. We didn't make it home until 8:30, but I did take Bean to Barns & Noble when I got home to use some birthday money.

Yesterday, I took the kids to the local water park. Bean went on several rides with Butter (even if I did have to force him since some of his friends showed up after we got there). Then I took Bean, Baby Bean and Bean's friend to Chevy's for dinner. It was her first "girls night." She loved having them sing to her and give her the sombrero. She was able to turn her birthday into a birthweek--with all the celebrations going on.

While Bean and I definitely have our issues--could it be that we are only five days apart and as such both Gemini's?--we are starting to click. More when we are alone, but all in all she is starting to get it and is trying to act better and more grown up. While I hate the bickering and fighting, I know that most of it is normal and she is starting to outgrow it. I love that sometimes she just wants to sit and read next to each other. She is a book worm like me, so that is something that I love to be able to do with her.

Next year, she will be double digits. Closer to being a teenager. It's hard enough with one teenager, not sure that I will be able to deal with two, but in a way I cannot wait for the challenge. I hope that next year we will be able to do more for her and make her birthday more about her!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Bean ROCKS!

So, just got back from Baby Bean's 4-year old check up. She has grown 3 1/2 inches and gained 4 pounds since her check up last year (she weighs 42 pounds and is 41 inches tall)--she is in the 75th percentile, which officially makes her my smallest child! Butter and Bean have always been in the 90+ percentile. She is able to do everything the doctor asked--and more!

But beyond that? She rocks with the vaccine! The doctor said that she could get them now (four of them, including the TB vaccine/test), or wait until next year, but she needs them before kindergarten. I figured, we are here, we have insurance, let's do it. So, he finishes his exam and sends the nurse in with the vaccines. While we are waiting Baby Bean asks why--I explain that she is going to get vaccines. She asked what that was and I explained that it is medicine to help keep her from getting sick. She asked if it was special medicine and I said yes. Throughout this I'm very careful to never use the word "shot" and she never asked. R comes in and positions Baby Bean's arms just so and has me hold each wrist. She does the TB first and Baby Bean never makes a peep or even freaks out at all when she sees the needle. She just watches and talks to us. Then two vaccines in the other arm, one more in the TB arm and we are done. And Baby Bean is still talking away, chatting and laughing and saying that now she won't get sick! R was AMAZED at Baby Bean and said that 4 year olds are normally VERY difficult to give vaccines to, and that she made it very easy.

I think the fact that I never mentioned that there were shots and the fact that I didn't make a big deal out of it made a difference. But I know if it had been Bean? Even if I hadn't said anything, the minute she saw the shot she would have FREAKED the heck out. We were so proud that I promptly took her over to get an ice cream cone.

Bits of Randomness . . .

I went to visit my bil yesterday--he was in very good spirits. Had been moved to the PM&R wing the night before and is starting rehab. He should find out later today when he might be able to go home. They are testing out various wheelchairs to see which will be best for him. On the bright side, they won't need much renovating done of their house and they have lots of friends that are willing to do it and help out. Other good news for them--their total share of the medical bills will be less than $5k due to my sister's great insurance coverage. Yay!

Today is Butter's last day of school. True his last three days have been field trips, but he is still required to go. Ok, twist my arm and I'll go miniature golfing, to a movie and the waterpark. No problem! So far, it is looking like he will keep his streak of straight As. We are waiting for grades to be finalized, but they are just about and those that aren't, well, there is no way he could fall below an A in those classes. Wow--eight straight quarters of straight A's! I don't think I could be prouder of him.

Today is Baby Bean's 4-year check up. I know she has gotten taller, but not sure if she weighs much more than she did last year. She is still able to wear some of the clothes that she wore for her 3rd birthday!

Bean turns 9 on Saturday--she already had her party, and has most of her gifts. But she is enjoying the whole experience. Since she already had the party and presents, she keeps say that she is 9 and we have to correct her.

Does anyone else watch Hell*s Kitchen? I am always amazed every season when someone gets upset with how mean Chef is--HELLO???? Have you never watched the show? Haven't you seen how he treats people? And the first episode last week--when he starts kissing & playing tonsil hockey with one "contestant"? That was classic--turns out to be his wife, but I love the one girl who said, "I want to go first!"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time for a perspective check . . .

Ok, so at the end of last week I was really starting to feel down about our situation. We are severely in debt, literally living paycheck to paycheck, waiting to see if we might get some tax money back (yes, they have not been done yet as we are waiting for corporate taxes to be finalized), and dh's car finally took the last nose dive (to the extent that the mechanic told us to pull the battery and bury the keys to make sure no one drives it and wasn't happy that we took it home). We have Bean's birthday party this weekend and lots of expenses hanging over our heads right now. Overall, things were (and in some ways still are)looking very bleak.

Then on Sunday, I was in the office (yes, working) and taking a quick break and looking at some really old pictures, including one of my nephew when he was three or four (he is now almost 17) getting on to his first dirt bike (motorcycle kind). Then my cell phone rang and it was my mom. The voice mail said to call her back and she was audibly upset. After I called her back, I found out that my bil and nephew had been out dirt biking with some friends and there had been a freak accident, my bil was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was currently undergoing surgery which could take 4-5 hours. Turns out he broke his back and had a four-level emergency fusion from T9 - T12--NOT GOOD! He currently has no feeling from his groin down. They initially said it could take the back 2-3 days for the shock to wear off and he could have the feeling back. Well, it is now five days and it isn't back. So, the lack of sensation isn't from shock. But, according to my sister, he can gradually get feeling back, and it could take up to a year (or more).

When I spoke with her a couple of days ago, she was mentioning that it could have been worse--like he could not be here right now. I kept thinking until then, there is no way I could even begin to imagine going home at night and not have dh there. It's one thing when we are traveling and I'm gone or he is gone, but to have him gone and probably be gone for a considerable period of time--I just don't know. I've lived with dh now for going on 24 years--to not have that or him--even if it was just to have him at the hospital--would be torture.

So, as the title of the post suggests, it is time for a perspective check. Yes, our finances are still really bad. Yes, we are still surviving on only one car even with me doing a lot of traveling (thanks to good neighbors and friends who are helping to get our kids to/from school). Yes, life still seems upside down. But, overall? I'll take this over having my dh in a hospital bed, unable to walk for who knows how long, any day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tag . . . You're It!

So, since this is a new blog, and I haven't gotten around to a real introductory post yet, I figured I would do a tag post. You can learn a bit more about me, and hopefully, you will let me know a little bit about you!

Nope, at least I don't think so!

I know I cried on Wednesday--that was Baby Bean's birthday and I can't believe she is four. I'm pretty sure I cried on Friday, but not in a good way.

Sometimes. It depends upon the pen I'm using and whether I can take my time.


Three--Butter age 13, Bean age 8, and Baby Bean age 4

I think so. I'm very caring and tend to put others before myself. I like friends who look out for me.

I wouldn't say a lot, but at times, yes.


Not a chance in the world.

Most of the time--unless they are really old and I'm too tired.

Sometimes. It is difficult, but I've gone through some things that I never thought I could and I made it through so far.

Good old fashioned chocolate.


Pink (and anyone who really knows me knows that this is true!)

Sunny and warm--finally!

Alcoholic--a good dark beer. Non-alcoholic, probably diet Pepsi or diet Dr. Pepper.

Black and pink flip flops

A Del Taco egg & cheese burrito.

The sound of the keyboard.


Babies, the smell outside when it rains.

My DH last night as he called to test out his new cell phone

Baseball (Giants), football (49ers), ice skating, and gymnastics.

Dark brown with some reddish highlights and too much gray showing through.



Not sure that I have a favorite, love pasta and mexican

Happy endings

Fell asleep during Leatherheads last night, so Sweet Home Alabama

Gray and black Giants jersey




Just finished The Partner by John Grisham, now going back to Under the Dome by Steven King

the word Belkin

Tried to watch Leatherheads

My kids' laughter and the squeal from Baby Bean when I get home from work.



Not that I know of.

San Francisco

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Bean!

Wow, I cannot believe it. My baby girl just turned four less than an hour ago. Where does the time go? All I know is that it is going too fast for this mama's liking and I wish she would just slow down. I really need to start taking more time to spend with her and really just watch her and see life as she does.

It was heartbreaking last night to realize that everything she did she was doing for the last time as a three-year old. She went outside to say goodnight to the moon and stars (but it was raining). This was a ritual that we used to have every night and it has kind of died out. It surprised me that she did it again. But it was the last time as a three-year old.

Normally, the night before the kids birthdays, I hang streamers and a Happy Birthday banner from their door. Last night, I couldn't find the streamers. DH said that Baby Bean wouldn't know the difference, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would know the difference. So, I went about searching for those darn streamers--with everyone else in the house asleep. I finally found them, out in the garage in the wrapping paper container (don't ask how long it took to find the container). I also got smart this year--instead of individual tape for each streamer, I took out a long piece of packing tape and used that. Wow--how come I didn't learn that trick about ten years ago??? Anyway, I am so glad that I took the time to look and do the streamers. The joy on her face when she came in my room this morning, all excited about her birthday and the streamers was so worth it!

She was NOT, however, happy that I had to go to work today. I'm hoping that I can finish my appearance this afternoon and then head home. While we were going to do dinner at home (mac & cheese, her choice), I think we may go to CEC. She loves that place and since we aren't having a "real" party for her, I'm sure this will help her out!

It was weird that she woke up and came into our room at almost the exact time that I had begun feeling contractions four years ago. 6:30 on a Friday morning. I had no idea that the labor and birth would go so quickly! I was feeling contractions, the doctor came in around 8:00 to break my water and she told me that she thought we would have a baby around lunchtime. Instead, at 9am, I was 7 cm dilated and rolled on my side to relieve some pain in my ribs (her feet). At 9:15, I decided I wanted that epidural after all. At 9:25ish, I was told the epidural was on the way, then when checked, told that I couldn't get it and that baby was coming now. Problem? The doctor was still on the other side of town. She raced over and within minutes of her putting on her gown, we had a baby girl at 9:46am. All 8 lbs and 10 oz of her. It was such an amazing, if fast, labor. And I was so glad that I didn't have the epidural--I was able to shower and walk around. It was heaven.

Happy Birthday to my Baby Bean!