Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What would you have done?

So, I had to leave to drive to a hearing this afternoon, and gave myself plenty of time (strange for me). As I'm getting to an intersection on the way to the freeway, I notice these two girls, probably mid to late teens, walking across the street from where I am. I initially noticed them because of the dyed black hair and short shorts, but then noticed a guy walk up to them and start talking. He had come from the opposite direction so I just kinda looked (I was stopped at a red light at the time), all of a sudden the guy puts his arm around one girl's shoulders and then lifts her in the air and threw her down onto the ground (HARD). He then picked her up by her hair and started dragging her. The other girls starts screaming and he lets go and walks off and gets into a car as they start running the other direction.

I was so shocked--I hollered out my window to see if they were ok and they ran across two lanes of traffic begging me to give them a ride. I didn't really think and just unlocked the doors and let them in. I ended up taking them to one of their sister's neighborhoods (there was traffic construction and so they walked the rest of the way), but while they were in the car they borrowed my phone to call the sister and then they were talking about the fact that the guy had a gun, mentioned they had had a knife, and I really started questioning my thought process. They mentioned that they had called 911, and then they took the battery out of their cell phone and one of them mentioned that they had warrants so the police would have arrested them and not the guy. Yikes!

I know now that I should not have let them in the car--but I kept thinking to myself what if that were my daughter and her best friend, I would have wanted someone to help them. I probably should have dropped them off at the fire station that we passed, but again, I just wasn't thinking. After I did let them out (with them thanking me profusely and commenting that there are still nice people in the world), I started shaking.

I guess in the long run I'm glad I helped them and I'm very thankful that they were nice girls (at least to me) and didn't try to hijack me or anything.

What would you have done?