Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where does the time go?

I posted over a month ago about school starting for the kids and now they are in full swing. 

Zach is continuing to do well, maintaining straight As except in one class, but that is moving in the right direction. He learned the hard way that he needs to be prepared for class—he lost full credit for a day of reading.  It is taking time to pull it up, but he is doing it. 

Zoe is experiencing her first year of actual grades.  She is maintaining As and Bs, but she just doesn’t seem to have the same drive that Zach does.  She isn’t putting herself into school as much as she could. Even her teacher thinks that she could be an A student, but it just isn’t a priority like it is for Zach.  I am hoping that when grades actually come out, she will have a change of heart and move toward working harder.  Zoe does have her first chance to play an instrument this year.  She was initially looking at clarinet or flute, then wanted to play saxophone, but ultimately, based upon the music teacher’s impression, she is playing trombone.  She has been playing for two weeks and can actually play notes and some easy songs. I’m very impressed.  She is also participating in choir and seems to be loving that as well.

Zienna LOVES school.  She is almost upset when the weekend comes.  Almost every morning she asks if she gets to go to school.  She did miss out on school the week of Labor Day because she contracted pink eye.  She HATED that week.  Although she was still home with daddy, she was very upset at not being able to go to school.  And her friend Brooklyn was apparently missing her too.  Brooklyn now makes sure that she is coming back the next day.  It is very cute.  She is learning a little bit of Spanish and some sign language.  She is so cute trying to teach all of this to us.

We’ve had Zach’s & Zoe’s school photos, but Zienna’s aren’t until next week.  I will make a point of posting them all once we have them.

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