Monday, June 21, 2010

The Birthday that Wasn't . . .

I really wasn't expecting much from this birthday. It's just another day and another year. But I was turning 45--not a big deal, but halfway between 40 and 50. To me it kind of meant something, even if I was perfectly happy with the age. So why am I so bummed that the birthday never "really" happened?

Having a birthday in the middle of the week is never good and this on was on Thursday (June 17th). It also doesn't help that I had to travel 200 miles away, but was going to be home the evening of my birthday. I left the day before and did get to go to a baseball game with a friend (go Giants!). Her birthday is six days before me--so this was a joint celebration. Then we went out for dinner and drinks after. Ok, so there was some celebrating.

Then, on my birthday, I got my work done and met up with some co-workers for lunch. I did let it slip that it was my birthday and the waitress must have heard, because they did bring me ice cream and sing. That was embarrassing but fun.

I headed home and made it back in town by 4:00. Finished up some work and headed home. Was home by 5:30--thought we would have a nice dinner at home with the kids. NOPE! Instead, hubby spends the next three hours or so with Bean at an urgent care clinic and then at the pharmacy--diagnosis - swimmer's ear with a slight infection. Ok, that's fine, the kids did say happy birthday and I did get a card from my mom & dad. No biggie, we'll do something over the weekend. In fact, hubby and I were scheduled to go on a date on Friday night. Yay!

Friday comes and Bean spends the day at the neighbor's house, where she is also going to spend the night. Hubby comes to pick me up from work with Baby Bean (mistake #1--he should have come alone and we could have gone to dinner). We run by the grocery store to pick up a few things then head home. Hubby's ears are plugged and he isn't feeling too well, but we figure we will get Bean her ear drops in and then head out for a drink. Nope--not gonna happen. Bean comes home and is in so much pain that we decide the slumber party just isn't going to happen. Good thing since she woke up delirious and in pain and talking about the "guy that came out of the pancakes" at about 1:30am. I don't think the neighbors would have liked that too much.

Saturday--spent some time getting my hair done--cut and highlights (which I love). Then took all three kids out--Baby Bean needed her bangs cut and the kids wanted out of the house. While we are out--Bean starts crying hysterically because of pain. We spend the next two hours back at urgent care getting a "wick" put in her ear and a prescription for Norco (strong stuff for the pain). There went the rest of the day.

Sunday--Father's Day. No birthday for me, but not much of a Father's Day either since Bean is still in pain and crying off and on and sleeping off and on due to the drugs. Well, I guess we are even, I didn't get a birthday and hubby didn't really get a Father's Day.

There's always next year!

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  1. Sometimes it stinks to be the grown up, doesn't it? I hope you enjoyed your day anyway :) Happy Birthday!