Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time for a perspective check . . .

Ok, so at the end of last week I was really starting to feel down about our situation. We are severely in debt, literally living paycheck to paycheck, waiting to see if we might get some tax money back (yes, they have not been done yet as we are waiting for corporate taxes to be finalized), and dh's car finally took the last nose dive (to the extent that the mechanic told us to pull the battery and bury the keys to make sure no one drives it and wasn't happy that we took it home). We have Bean's birthday party this weekend and lots of expenses hanging over our heads right now. Overall, things were (and in some ways still are)looking very bleak.

Then on Sunday, I was in the office (yes, working) and taking a quick break and looking at some really old pictures, including one of my nephew when he was three or four (he is now almost 17) getting on to his first dirt bike (motorcycle kind). Then my cell phone rang and it was my mom. The voice mail said to call her back and she was audibly upset. After I called her back, I found out that my bil and nephew had been out dirt biking with some friends and there had been a freak accident, my bil was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was currently undergoing surgery which could take 4-5 hours. Turns out he broke his back and had a four-level emergency fusion from T9 - T12--NOT GOOD! He currently has no feeling from his groin down. They initially said it could take the back 2-3 days for the shock to wear off and he could have the feeling back. Well, it is now five days and it isn't back. So, the lack of sensation isn't from shock. But, according to my sister, he can gradually get feeling back, and it could take up to a year (or more).

When I spoke with her a couple of days ago, she was mentioning that it could have been worse--like he could not be here right now. I kept thinking until then, there is no way I could even begin to imagine going home at night and not have dh there. It's one thing when we are traveling and I'm gone or he is gone, but to have him gone and probably be gone for a considerable period of time--I just don't know. I've lived with dh now for going on 24 years--to not have that or him--even if it was just to have him at the hospital--would be torture.

So, as the title of the post suggests, it is time for a perspective check. Yes, our finances are still really bad. Yes, we are still surviving on only one car even with me doing a lot of traveling (thanks to good neighbors and friends who are helping to get our kids to/from school). Yes, life still seems upside down. But, overall? I'll take this over having my dh in a hospital bed, unable to walk for who knows how long, any day!

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  1. I don't admit this much (shame, maybe? Which is stupid!) but, we're living paycheck to paycheck right now, too. Which is sad. My husband makes damn good money and yet he's working a 2nd job. Even then? Paycheck to paycheck. Anything fun to do as a family is not only planned a few weeks in advance, but we feel it in the checkbook for a week afterward.

    We were down to one car from November through March. It SUCKED! I'm a SAHM so, I didn't HAVE to go anywhere. It was just horrible knowing I COULDN'T go anywhere. My best friend was HUGE in loaning us her car when necessary.

    My husband tends to be down about our situation. I use to. Now? Screw that. I may live paycheck to paycheck, but there's a lot of people/families out there with NO paycheck, let alone one from TWO jobs that pay well. I have a clean, safe, big apartment to call home. I have lights, central air, cable/internet, cell phones. I have healthy, fresh food in my fridge and we're all wearing clothes.

    It could be much worse. I know this. I'm thankful for what I have and know it could all change in a second.

    I hope things improve for your family. I hope your BIL makes a full recovery. It'll be a long, hard road but, have faith.

    Sometimes? Faith is all we need to get through a craptastic situation.