Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bits of Randomness . . .

I went to visit my bil yesterday--he was in very good spirits. Had been moved to the PM&R wing the night before and is starting rehab. He should find out later today when he might be able to go home. They are testing out various wheelchairs to see which will be best for him. On the bright side, they won't need much renovating done of their house and they have lots of friends that are willing to do it and help out. Other good news for them--their total share of the medical bills will be less than $5k due to my sister's great insurance coverage. Yay!

Today is Butter's last day of school. True his last three days have been field trips, but he is still required to go. Ok, twist my arm and I'll go miniature golfing, to a movie and the waterpark. No problem! So far, it is looking like he will keep his streak of straight As. We are waiting for grades to be finalized, but they are just about and those that aren't, well, there is no way he could fall below an A in those classes. Wow--eight straight quarters of straight A's! I don't think I could be prouder of him.

Today is Baby Bean's 4-year check up. I know she has gotten taller, but not sure if she weighs much more than she did last year. She is still able to wear some of the clothes that she wore for her 3rd birthday!

Bean turns 9 on Saturday--she already had her party, and has most of her gifts. But she is enjoying the whole experience. Since she already had the party and presents, she keeps say that she is 9 and we have to correct her.

Does anyone else watch Hell*s Kitchen? I am always amazed every season when someone gets upset with how mean Chef is--HELLO???? Have you never watched the show? Haven't you seen how he treats people? And the first episode last week--when he starts kissing & playing tonsil hockey with one "contestant"? That was classic--turns out to be his wife, but I love the one girl who said, "I want to go first!"

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