Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Days . . .

I cannot believe the summer is over--summer vacation at least. Yesterday, Butter and Baby Bean started school. Bean starts tomorrow. I can only hope that tomorrow runs more smoothly than yesterday and today did!

Baby Bean has been sooo excited about starting school. She is in the pre-kindergarten class and although she told daddy that she needed one of us to go with her, that idea quickly fled from her head once she got there and began making friends. But first, we had to get there!

We woke up on time, I actually got out of bed and started getting ready. When I went to dry my hair I heard Baby Bean crying--walked out and found out that she had tripped and fell. She left daddy's arms and came to mine, where I noticed she was bleeding--she didn't have a shirt on yet. Daddy thought it was from her own nails--but it became obvious that wasn't the case when I saw several scratches on her chest and arm and hand. Turns out when she tripped, she fell onto Shack who was sleeping on the ground. Shack, being a cat, retaliated. We got Baby Bean all cleaned up, dressed and we were out the door. In the meantime, turns out Shack got hurt too--he pulled a claw out completely which earned him a trip to the vet, a shot of antibiotics and a purple & blue polka-dotted bandage on his hind leg. We are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Once we got to school yesterday, Baby Bean was a bit nervous, but had a little girl come up to her right away and introduce herself. She designated herself Baby Bean's "first friend." Although Baby Bean had asked me to stay for awhile, within minutes she was off with her friend and reading. I was told it was ok to go to work and got a big "I love you, mom" as I walked away. When daddy picked her up, she was very upset that she had to leave and couldn't stay to take a nap. This coming from a child who has not voluntarily taken a nap in about a year. Go figure. She definitely enjoyed her first day and said she was excited to be able to go back!

This morning, we figured things would go better--it couldn't go worse, right? Wrong! Turns out one of the dogs (we think it was Zane) got into the Organic Compost Starter and it did not react kindly to his digestive system--or for that matter our carpeting! One big mess in the bedroom and one even bigger next to his crate (hence why we think it was Zane). Luckily, the stuff is non-toxic and we were told that as long as he is eating and keeping his food down, we are ok--one less vet bill thank goodness.

Baby Bean was another trooper this morning getting to school. When we got there, no one was in the classroom. I was wondering exactly what was going on, when a little boy (age 4) who had also just gotten there (or had just come out of the bathroom), told me that everyone was outside. Ok, makes sense, play outside before it hits 100 degrees. When I started looking for the sign in book, this little boy looked at me and said, "you have a lot to learn." How do little kids get so smart like that. In any event, we went outside, signed in and Baby Bean was off. I am so thankful that she is doing so well.

As for Butter--he is big man on campus, being in the 8th grade (and being 5'10"). He is very happy with his schedule. He shares band and tutorial with his girlfriend--so he gets to start and end his day with her. I'm glad she isn't in any other classes so that she isn't a distraction. He loves his core teacher--who is apparently the best 8th grade core teacher. And the fact that she likes the Giants only makes it better. He went and got all his school supplies yesterday and was off to class today with everything he needs. I'm just hoping that he really stays on top of things this year. In 8th grade late assignments are not accepted and I know he really wants to keep his straight A record!

This afternoon is the Back-to-School BBQ at Bean's school. I hope I get back in town in time to go. She will get to find out her teacher--which if everything is going as it is supposed to, will be the same teacher as last year. I'm a little concerned as the website still shows him teaching 3rd grade, but he was supposed to move up to 4th and we asked to have her loop. We will find out for sure this evening.

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