Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disneyland? Maybe? . . .

We have been dying to take the kids to Disneyland. Butter hasn't been in almost 10 years--I know because we conceived Bean at Disneyland and she just turned nine! We keep telling the kids we are going to go and then finances just don't let us do it. We always think we are going to go and we say we are going to do it and it just doesn't happen. It has been a tough few years for us and every time we think we are turning a corner, it just doesn't happen.

So, we just filed our taxes and we should be getting some money back soon, so we think we are just going to do it. The hotel that we want to use has a really good discount rate right now (like $119 a night versus $179), and we could do it mega cheap. The room has bunk beds for the kids and a fridge and microwave so we can do our own meals. The kids will understand that it is on the mega-cheap plan--at least they get to go.

I'm starting to get excited. I love Disneyland. When we lived in the OC I would buy annual passes. I studied at the park while waiting for Fantasmic to start. I went to the park just to go shopping for my nephew's first birthday. When I was lucky enough to go last year, by myself, it was still so magical. It was nice doing it alone because I got to do things I wouldn't have done with the kids. But I also saw things that I purposely didn't do because I wanted to experience it first through Zienna's eyes (stuff in California Adventure).

We NEED to make this happen this time!


  1. Oh fun! They have some deals of 5 day tickets (hopper tickets, I think) for the price of 3 day.

    And don't forget to see World of Color at CA Adventure. It just opened last week so it's going to be crazy crowded, but they do have some deals for reserved seating if you buy their "picnic" packs (I think $14.99/ea) and they have Fastpass available if you get in the park early enough to get one. It's supposed to be amazing.

  2. Hey, I left you a message at COF about D-land :)