Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Bean!

Wow--I cannot believe that my Bean turned nine on Saturday--where in the world does the time go? I remember being in the hospital and having an almost ten pound baby being placed on my chest. No one could believe she was that big, especially since she was five days early!

This year her birthday was a bit understated. She had her party the week before her birthday--in the hopes that more friends from school would be able to attend. They did and the party was awesome--we had it at a small little bakery in town. The girls got to make cookies, then had gelato and decorated their own cupcakes while the cookies were baking. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The problem, by the time her actual party came around, the celebrating had all been done--especially since she conned us into giving her her gift early (or should I say conned her dad).

Her actual birthday was Saturday--as is my fashion, I did hang streamers and a Happy Birthday sign from her door over night. Then we went and got her something special for breakfast, but then Butter and I left at 9:30am to head to the Bay Area to see a friends band rehearsal before a concert. We didn't make it home until 8:30, but I did take Bean to Barns & Noble when I got home to use some birthday money.

Yesterday, I took the kids to the local water park. Bean went on several rides with Butter (even if I did have to force him since some of his friends showed up after we got there). Then I took Bean, Baby Bean and Bean's friend to Chevy's for dinner. It was her first "girls night." She loved having them sing to her and give her the sombrero. She was able to turn her birthday into a birthweek--with all the celebrations going on.

While Bean and I definitely have our issues--could it be that we are only five days apart and as such both Gemini's?--we are starting to click. More when we are alone, but all in all she is starting to get it and is trying to act better and more grown up. While I hate the bickering and fighting, I know that most of it is normal and she is starting to outgrow it. I love that sometimes she just wants to sit and read next to each other. She is a book worm like me, so that is something that I love to be able to do with her.

Next year, she will be double digits. Closer to being a teenager. It's hard enough with one teenager, not sure that I will be able to deal with two, but in a way I cannot wait for the challenge. I hope that next year we will be able to do more for her and make her birthday more about her!

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