Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Bean ROCKS!

So, just got back from Baby Bean's 4-year old check up. She has grown 3 1/2 inches and gained 4 pounds since her check up last year (she weighs 42 pounds and is 41 inches tall)--she is in the 75th percentile, which officially makes her my smallest child! Butter and Bean have always been in the 90+ percentile. She is able to do everything the doctor asked--and more!

But beyond that? She rocks with the vaccine! The doctor said that she could get them now (four of them, including the TB vaccine/test), or wait until next year, but she needs them before kindergarten. I figured, we are here, we have insurance, let's do it. So, he finishes his exam and sends the nurse in with the vaccines. While we are waiting Baby Bean asks why--I explain that she is going to get vaccines. She asked what that was and I explained that it is medicine to help keep her from getting sick. She asked if it was special medicine and I said yes. Throughout this I'm very careful to never use the word "shot" and she never asked. R comes in and positions Baby Bean's arms just so and has me hold each wrist. She does the TB first and Baby Bean never makes a peep or even freaks out at all when she sees the needle. She just watches and talks to us. Then two vaccines in the other arm, one more in the TB arm and we are done. And Baby Bean is still talking away, chatting and laughing and saying that now she won't get sick! R was AMAZED at Baby Bean and said that 4 year olds are normally VERY difficult to give vaccines to, and that she made it very easy.

I think the fact that I never mentioned that there were shots and the fact that I didn't make a big deal out of it made a difference. But I know if it had been Bean? Even if I hadn't said anything, the minute she saw the shot she would have FREAKED the heck out. We were so proud that I promptly took her over to get an ice cream cone.

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