Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Bean . . .

Today was your first day of fifth grade. Unlike Butter and Bug, you are not "starting" something this year, but instead are "finishing." This is your last year of elementary school. Wow--again, where does the time go?

While we originally were going to have you going to the same school as Bug, we decided to let you finish your last year of elementary school at the same school you've been at for the last two years. With your friends. Imagine our surprise when Bug's school had you assigned to a fifth grade class. Imagine our bigger surprise when we almost had to take them up on it. Turns out your teacher for the last half of fourth grade, with whom we had extreme issues, was given a fourth/fifth combo class to teach. Luckily, he is NOT your teacher. If he had been, you would not have been going there. Sorry, no dice, not dealing with that again.

Instead, you have Ms. Crane. An experienced teacher who, according to dad, is very nice. You are also back with your "besties." All three of you in the same class--just like third grade. I'm sure you are going to have a great year! You also get to be in advanced band--which means early school three days a week--but we will make it work. You, like Butter, have a natural talent for music and you picked up the flute so well. Your band teacher sees definite potential in you--and I'm sure it will help next year when you move to middle school.

I'm hoping this is a year of change and growing for you. You still seem on the cusp sometimes of being a big girl and still being our little one. You have a definite "attitude" that we need to work on, but it is coming out less and less frequently. When you and I are alone, we have a great time. I like just hanging out with you. You are the one who will hang out with me doing pretty much anything, including when I donate blood. I'm not sure Butter or Bug would do that.

Remember this year to have fun, but to still concentrate. It is your last year of elementary school, and you should have fun. But remember that it is also important to learn and grow.

I love you and am very proud of you and the young lady you are becoming.

Love, Mom

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  1. Awww Kelly, these letters are all so sweet! You made me cry with each one ;) Your kids are going to love reading these some day...right now they might like them, but when they have kids of their own and "get it", they are going to LOVE it!